RTI Connext Modern C++ API  Version 6.1.2

<<extension>> Configures the availability of data. More...


class  rti::core::EndpointGroup
 <<extension>> Specifies a group of endpoints that can be collectively identified by a name and satisfied by a quorum. More...
class  rti::core::policy::Availability
 <<extension>> Configures data availability in the context of Collaborative DataWriters and Required Subscriptions More...


typedef dds::core::vector< EndpointGrouprti::core::EndpointGroupSeq
 A sequence of rti::core::EndpointGroup. More...

Detailed Description

<<extension>> Configures the availability of data.

Typedef Documentation

◆ EndpointGroupSeq

A sequence of rti::core::EndpointGroup.

In the context of Collaborative DataWriters, it can be used by a dds::sub::DataReader to define a group of remote DataWriters that the dds::sub::DataReader will wait to discover before skipping missing samples.

In the context of Durable Subscriptions, it can be used to create a set of Durable Subscriptions identified by a name and a quorum count.

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