RTI Connext Modern C++ API  Version 6.1.2

Remote Procedure call (RPC) communication pattern. More...


 Client-side API
 Part of the RPC API that relates to the client.
 Server-side API
 Part of the RPC API that relates to the Server and ServiceEndpoint.


class  rpc_example::RobotControl
 The synchronous interface generated from the RobotControl IDL service. More...
class  rpc_example::RobotControlAsync
 The asynchronous interface derived from the RobotControl service. More...

Detailed Description

Remote Procedure call (RPC) communication pattern.

With RPC you can write client and service applications that make and process function calls according to interfaces defined in IDL. The clients and the services communicate using DDS topics.

The RPC API requires C++11 support.

To get started follow the RPC Tutorial.

The classes involved in RPC include types generated by rtiddsgen and supporting types in the dds::rpc and rti::rpc namespaces. This API reference assumes that an example IDL service interface is defined as follows:

exception WalkError {
string<32> message;
exception TooFastError {
struct Coordinates {
int32 x;
int32 y;
interface RobotControl {
Coordinates walk_to(Coordinates destination, float speed)
raises(WalkError, TooFastError);
float get_speed();
attribute string<128> name;

From this IDL the following types are generated:

In addition, the class dds::rpc::Server provides the execution context for one or more services.

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