RTI Connext C# API  6.1.2
Programming Snippets

Code snippets that show how to use the RTI Connext C# API. More...


 Entity examples
 How to use Rti.Dds.Core.Entity types: set QoS, monitor status changes, and more.
 Publication examples
 How to publish a topic and work with Publishers and DataWriters.
 Subscription examples
 How to subscribe to a topic and work with Subscribers and DataReaders.
 IDL examples
 How to use C# classes generated from IDL by rtiddsgen.
 DynamicData examples
 How to publish and subscribe to topics for dynamically-defined types.
 XML application examples
 How to define DDS applications in XML.
 Logging, version and utilities examples
 Miscellaneous examples, such as configuring logging, printing the current version and other utilities.

Detailed Description

Code snippets that show how to use the RTI Connext C# API.

Each section provides code snippets for common operations in the RTI Connext C# API. Use these snippets as reference on how to effectively use the API.

If you're not familiar with DDS, the RTI Connext DDS Getting Started Guide walks you through the DDS concepts you need to understand. It includes practical exercises available in several programming languages, including C#.
For more code examples, see the RTI Community GitHub repository