RTI Connext Traditional C++ API Version 7.1.0

<<interface>> Abstract base class for all DDS entities except for the DDSDomainParticipant. More...

Inheritance diagram for DDSDomainEntity:
DDSEntity DDSDataReader DDSDataWriter DDSPublisher DDSSubscriber DDSTopic DDSDynamicDataReader DDSDynamicDataReader DDSKeyedOctetsDataReader DDSKeyedStringDataReader DDSOctetsDataReader DDSParticipantBuiltinTopicDataDataReader DDSPublicationBuiltinTopicDataDataReader DDSServiceRequestDataReader DDSStringDataReader DDSSubscriptionBuiltinTopicDataDataReader DDSTopicBuiltinTopicDataDataReader FooDataReader DDSDynamicDataWriter DDSDynamicDataWriter DDSKeyedOctetsDataWriter DDSKeyedStringDataWriter DDSOctetsDataWriter DDSStringDataWriter FooDataWriter

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from DDSEntity
virtual DDS_ReturnCode_t enable ()=0
 Enables the DDSEntity. More...
virtual DDSStatusConditionget_statuscondition ()=0
 Allows access to the DDSStatusCondition associated with the DDSEntity. More...
virtual DDS_StatusMask get_status_changes ()=0
 Retrieves the list of communication statuses in the DDSEntity that are triggered. More...
virtual DDS_InstanceHandle_t get_instance_handle ()=0
 Allows access to the DDS_InstanceHandle_t associated with the DDSEntity. More...

Detailed Description

<<interface>> Abstract base class for all DDS entities except for the DDSDomainParticipant.

Its sole purpose is to conceptually express that DDSDomainParticipant is a special kind of DDSEntity that acts as a container of all other DDSEntity but itself cannot contain other DDSDomainParticipant.