RTI Connext Java API Version 7.1.0

A request coming from one of the built-in services. More...

Inherits AbstractBuiltinTopicData.

Public Attributes

int service_id
 The id of the service that the request was sent on. More...
final GUID_t instance_id
 Each ServiceRequest is keyed on the instance_id. More...
final ByteSeq request_body
 Service-specific information. More...

Static Public Attributes

static final int UNKNOWN_SERVICE_ID
 An invalid Service Id. More...
static final int TOPIC_QUERY_SERVICE_ID
 Service Id for the com.rti.dds.subscription.TopicQuery Service. More...

Detailed Description

A request coming from one of the built-in services.

Data associated with the built-in topic com.rti.dds.topic.builtin.ServiceRequestTypeSupport.SERVICE_REQUEST_TOPIC_NAME. It contains service-specific information.

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Member Data Documentation

◆ service_id

int service_id

The id of the service that the request was sent on.

There can be multiple services that use the built-in ServiceRequest topic. The service_id identifies which service a specific request was sent from.

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◆ instance_id

final GUID_t instance_id

Each ServiceRequest is keyed on the instance_id.

The instance_id provides a way for users to differentiate between different requests coming from the same service.

◆ request_body

final ByteSeq request_body

Service-specific information.

Each service uses the request_body field to send information specific to that service in the form of an opaque sequence of bytes. Each service provides a helper function that will deserialize the information from the request body.

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Referenced by TopicQueryHelper.topic_query_data_from_service_request().