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dds::core::xtypes::PrimitiveType Class Reference

<<value-type>> Represents and IDL primitive type More...

#include <dds/core/xtypes/PrimitiveTypes.hpp>

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Related Functions

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template<typename T >
const PrimitiveType< T > & primitive_type ()
 Obtains a singleton of PrimitiveType<T> More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from dds::core::xtypes::DynamicType
dds::core::xtypes::TypeKind kind () const
 Gets the type kind. More...
std::string name () const
 Gets the name. More...

Detailed Description

<<value-type>> Represents and IDL primitive type

Template Parameters
TThe C++ primitive type for which to obtain a DynamicType. These are the possible types:
C++ type (T) IDL type
char char
bool boolean
uint8_t octet
(u)int16_t (unsigned) short
(u)int32_t (unsigned) long
(u)int64_t (unsigned) long long
float float
double double
rti::core::LongDouble long double
wchar_t wchar

Instead of instantiating this class it is recommended to obtain a singleton for each primitive type T using primitive_type.

Note: this class doesn't have any members other than those inherited from DynamicType.

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◆ primitive_type()

template<typename T >
const PrimitiveType< T > & primitive_type ( )

Obtains a singleton of PrimitiveType<T>