RTI Cloud Discovery Service Version 7.3.0
RTI Cloud Discovery Service

RTI Cloud Discovery Service is a stand-alone application that bootstraps discovery for RTI Connext DDS applications in dynamic environments where UDP/IP multicast is not available. This is typical of wide-area networks or some cloud-based environments where the routers and switches may disable IP multicast forwarding. RTI Cloud Discovery Service also works in conjunction with the RTI Real-Time WAN Transport to provide peer-to-peer communication between DomainParticipants situated behind Network Address Translators (NATs).

Typical usage of RTI Cloud Discovery Service

You can learn how to use RTI Cloud Discovery Service through the RTI Cloud Discovery Service User's Manual.

RTI Cloud Discovery Service can be run as a standalone application, or linked into your application.

A reference to the Service (Library) API can be found here:

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