RTI Recording Service Version 7.3.0
RTI Recording Service

RTI Recording Service includes the following tools:

Recording Service, an RTI Connext application that records Topics and discovery data. Recording Service records updates to data along with a timestamp, so you can view or replay updates to data in your system as they occur over time. Recorded data is stored in SQLite files by default, and Recording Service includes an API to record to a custom data store.

Replay Service, an application that can play back data recorded by Recording Service. Replay Service also has an API to allow plugging in custom storage.

Converter, an application that converts between binary (serialized) recorded data to JSON data that can be viewed and queried. The most efficient way to record data is in serialized form. Converter allows data to be recorded efficiently, and post-processed into a queryable form. Converter also provides APIs to plug in custom storage.

You can learn how to use Recording Service through the User's Manual.

A reference to the pluggable storage API can be found here:

Recording Service can be run as a standalone application, or linked into your application.

A reference to the library API can be found here:

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