RTI Connext Traditional C++ API Version 7.3.0
rti::flat::flat_type_traits< T > Struct Template Reference

Given a Sample, an Offset or a Builder, it allows obtaining the other types. More...

Detailed Description

template<typename T>
struct rti::flat::flat_type_traits< T >

Given a Sample, an Offset or a Builder, it allows obtaining the other types.

Template Parameters
TOne of the following:

Given T, this type provides the following typedefs:

  • flat_type_traits<T>::offset, T's related offset type (undefined if T itself is an Offset)
  • flat_type_traits<T>::builder, T's related builder type (undefined if T itself is a Builder, or the topic-type is not mutable)
  • flat_type_traits<T>::flat_type, T's related Sample type (undefined if T itself is a Sample type)
  • flat_type_traits<T>::plain_type, T's equivalent definition as a plain (non-FlatData) type.

For example, for T = MyFlatMutable, flat_type_traits is defined as follows:

template <>
struct flat_type_traits<MyFlatMutable> {
typedef MyFlatMutablePlainHelper plain_type;
typedef MyFlatMutableOffset offset;
typedef MyFlatMutableBuilder builder;
Represents the Builder for an arbitrary user-defined mutable type.
Definition: Builder.hpp:206
Represents the Offset to an arbitrary user-defined FlatData mutable IDL struct.
Definition: Offset.hpp:203
The generic definition of FlatData topic-types.
Definition: FlatSample.hpp:148

Or if T = MyFlatMutableOffset:

template <>
struct flat_type_traits<MyFlatMutableOffset> {
typedef MyFlatMutable flat_type;
typedef MyFlatMutablePlainHelper plain_type;
typedef MyFlatMutableBuilder builder;
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