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NDDS_Transport_TCPv4_ConnectionLivelinessSettings_t Struct Reference

Connection liveliness settings. More...

Data Fields

RTI_INT32 enable
RTI_INT32 lease_duration
RTI_INT32 assertions_per_lease_duration

Detailed Description

Connection liveliness settings.

Field Documentation

RTI_INT32 NDDS_Transport_TCPv4_ConnectionLivelinessSettings_t::enable

Enables the liveliness mechanism for the control connection.

[default] 0 (disabled)

RTI_INT32 NDDS_Transport_TCPv4_ConnectionLivelinessSettings_t::lease_duration

In seconds, the timeout by which the connection liveliness must be asserted or the connection will be considered not alive. Please note that this is used also as the period between connection liveliness checks. Therefore, the maximum time before a connection is marked as not alive is 2*connection_liveliness_lease_duration.

[default] 10 seconds

RTI_INT32 NDDS_Transport_TCPv4_ConnectionLivelinessSettings_t::assertions_per_lease_duration

The number of connection assertions/heartbeats sent per lease duration.

[default] 3

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