4.7.2. Transport Limits

The following limitations apply to all Connext Micro transports. IDL Data Types and Size

Connext Micro does not support RTPS fragmentation and is limited to IDL data types less than or equal to 63000 bytes or the maximum transmission unit (MTU) of the underlying transport, whichever is smaller. Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU)

Connext Micro does not query the MTU size from the registered transport plugins. If the MTU size is exceeded, the data will be silently discarded. Maximum Receive Unit (MRU)

Connext Micro does not track the maximum receive unit (MRU) of other nodes in the system. Therefore, Connext Micro relies on consistent configuration accross all the nodes in the system in order to successfully send and receive data. For example, if a node has a MRU of 8000 bytes and another node sends 9000 bytes (with a sufficiently large MTU), the data will be sent, but not received.