2.3. Building RTI Connext DDS Micro

This section is for users already familiar with CMake and may have built earlier versions of RTI Connext DDS Micro. The sections following describe the process in detail and is recommended for everyone building Connext DDS Micro.

This section assumes that the Connext DDS Micro source-bundle is downloaded and installed and that CMake is available.

  1. Make sure CMake is in the path.

  2. Unix:

    cd <rti_me install directory>/src
    # you should see directories like doc/ lib/ rtiddsgen/ src/
    # and CMakeLists.txt
    resource/scripts/rtime-make --target self --name i86Linux4gcc7.3.0 \
                -G "Unix Makefiles" --build


    cd <rti_me install directory>\src
    # you should see directories like doc/ lib/ rtiddsgen/ src/
    # and CMakeLists.txt
    resource\scripts\rtime-make --target self --name i86Win32VS2015 \
                -G "NMake Makefiles" --build
  3. The RTI Connext DDS Micro libraries are available in:

    # Unix
    <rti_me install directory>/lib/i86Linux4gcc7.3.0
    # Windows
    <rti_me install directory>/lib/i86Win32VS2015

NOTE: rtime-make uses the platform specified with --name to determine a few settings needed by RTI Connext DDS Micro. Please refer to Preparation for a Build for details.

2.3.1. OpenSSL

The Connext DDS Micro builtin security plugin requires OpenSSL 1.0.1 or a later 1.0.x version, but is not compatible with 1.1 or later. The CMake build files will try to locate a suitable version and use a locally installed library if available. If a compatible library is not available, please check the RTI Download portal for a compatible version of OpenSSL. After installing OpenSSL, set OPENSSLHOME to its location when building.

rtime-make -DOPENSSLHOME=<path>/release Excluding the Security Plugin from the Build

It is possible to exclude the builtin security plugin in Connext DDS Micro (the rti_me_seccore library). Set RTIME_TRUST_INCLUDE_BUILTIN to false to disable it.


For help, use:

resource\scripts\rtime-make --help

To list available targets use:

resource\scripts\rtime-make --list

For help for a specific target, except self, use:

resource\scripts\rtime-make --target <target> --help