2.1. Installing the RTI Connext DDS Micro Package

RTI Connext DDS Micro is provided in one of 4 RTI target packages

  • rti_connext_dds_micro-3.0.0-Unix.rtipkg
  • rti_connext_dds_micro-3.0.0-Windows.rtipkg
  • rti_connext_dds_micro_security_sdk-3.0.0-Unix.rtipkg
  • rti_connext_dds_micro_security_sdk-3.0.0-Windows.rtipkg

Note: you must first install RTI Connext DDS and install either rti_connext_dds_micro-3.0.0-Unix.rtipkg or rti_connext_dds_micro-3.0.0-Windows.rtipkg before the corresponding security SDK packages can be installed

Once installed, you will see a directory rti_connext_dds_micro-3.0.0 in the RTI Connext DDS installation directory. This installation directory contains this documentation, the rtiddsgen code generation tool, and example source code. Note that a JRE is needed to execute rtiddsgen. A host bundle with JRE is shipped for build environments without JRE installed. A host bundle without JRE is also available for build environments that already have JRE installed.

It is strongly recommended that you copy the RTI Connext DDS Micro installation directory outside of the RTI Connext DDS installation. This is because it may not be desirable to build the RTI Connext DDS Micro libraries in RTI Connext DDS installation directory. To copy RTI Connext DDS Micro to another location, open up the RTI Connext DDS Launcher, navigate to the Utilities tab and click on the Copy Micro SDK and follow the instructions. See image below for a visual aid.