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Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
oCDDS_BuiltinTopicKey_tThe key type of the built-in topic types
oCDDS_DataReaderInstanceReplacedStatus<<eXtension>> <<cert>> DDS_INSTANCE_REPLACED_STATUS
oCDDS_DataReaderProtocolQosPolicy<<eXtension>> Protocol that applies only to DDSDataReader instances
oCDDS_DataReaderQos<<cert>> QoS policies supported by a DDSDataReader entity
oCDDS_DataReaderResourceLimitsQosPolicy<<cert>> Resource limits that apply only to DDSDataReader instances
oCDDS_DataRepresentationQosPolicyThis QoS policy contains a list of representation identifiers used by DDSDataWriter and DDSDataReader entities to negotiate which data representation to use
oCDDS_DataWriterProtocolQosPolicy<<eXtension>> <<cert>> Protocol that applies only to DDSDataWriter instances
oCDDS_DataWriterQos<<cert>> QoS policies supported by a DDSDataWriter entity
oCDDS_DataWriterResourceLimitsQosPolicy<<cert>> Resource limits that apply only to DDSDataWriter instances
oCDDS_DataWriterShmemRefTransferModeSettingsSettings related to transferring data using shared memory references
oCDDS_DataWriterTransferModeQosPolicy<<eXtension>> Qos related to transferring data
oCDDS_DeadlineQosPolicy<<cert>> Expresses the maximum duration (deadline) within which an instance is expected to be updated
oCDDS_DestinationOrderQosPolicyDestination order policies that affect the ordering of subsribed data
oCDDS_DiscoveryComponentSpecifies the discovery plugin the DDSDomainParticipant should use
oCDDS_DiscoveryQosPolicy<<cert>> Specifies the attributes required to discover participants in the domain
oCDDS_DomainParticipantFactoryQos<<cert>> QoS policies supported by a DDSDomainParticipantFactory
oCDDS_DomainParticipantQos<<cert>> QoS policies supported by a DDSDomainParticipant entity
oCDDS_DomainParticipantResourceLimitsQosPolicy<<cert>> Resource limits that apply only to DDSDomainParticipant instances
oCDDS_DurabilityQosPolicyDurability properties that affect the life-cycle of published data
oCDDS_Duration_tType for duration representation
oCDDS_EntityFactoryQosPolicy<<cert>> A QoS policy for all DDSEntity types that can act as factories for one or more other DDSEntity types
oCDDS_EntityNameQosPolicy<<cert>> Policy used to name an entity
oCDDS_FlowControllerProperty_tDetermines the flow control characteristics of the DDSFlowController
oCDDS_FlowControllerTokenBucketProperty_tDDSFlowController uses the popular token bucket approach for open loop network flow control. The flow control characteristics are determined by the token bucket properties
oCDDS_GUID_tType for GUID (Global Unique Identifier) representation
oCDDS_HistoryQosPolicy<<cert>> Specifies the behavior of RTI Connext DDS Micro in the case where the value of a sample changes (one or more times) before it can be successfully communicated to one or more existing subscribers
oCDDS_LatencyBudgetQosPolicyProvides a hint as to the maximum acceptable delay from the time the data is written to the time it is received by the subscribing applications
oCDDS_LivelinessChangedStatus<<cert>> DDS_LIVELINESS_CHANGED_STATUS
oCDDS_LivelinessLostStatus<<cert>> DDS_LIVELINESS_LOST_STATUS
oCDDS_LivelinessQosPolicy<<cert>> Determines the mechanism and parameters used by the application to determine whether a DDSEntity is alive
oCDDS_Locator_t<<eXtension>> <<cert>> Type used to represent the addressing information needed to send a message to an RTPS Endpoint using one of the supported transports
oCDDS_LocatorSeqDeclares IDL sequence < DDS_Locator_t >
oCDDS_OfferedDeadlineMissedStatus<<cert>> DDS_OFFERED_DEADLINE_MISSED_STATUS
oCDDS_OfferedIncompatibleQosStatus<<cert>> DDS_OFFERED_INCOMPATIBLE_QOS_STATUS
oCDDS_OwnershipQosPolicy<<cert>> Specifies whether it is allowed for multiple DDSDataWriter (s) to write the same instance of the data and if so, how these modifications should be arbitrated
oCDDS_OwnershipStrengthQosPolicy<<cert>> Specifies the value of the strength used to arbitrate among multiple DDSDataWriter objects that attempt to modify the same instance of a data type (identified by DDSTopic + key)
oCDDS_ParticipantBuiltinTopicData<<cert>> Object representing a remote DomainParticipant
oCDDS_ProductVersion<<eXtension>> <<cert>> Type used to represent the current version of RTI Connext DDS Micro
oCDDS_ProductVersion_t<<eXtension>> <<cert>> Type used to represent the current version of RTI Connext DDS Micro
oCDDS_PropertyQosPolicyProperty QoS policy
oCDDS_ProtocolVersion<<eXtension>> <<cert>> Type used to represent the version of the RTPS protocol
oCDDS_PublicationBuiltinTopicDataObject describing a remote Publication
oCDDS_PublicationMatchedStatus<<cert>> DDS_PUBLICATION_MATCHED_STATUS
oCDDS_PublisherQos<<cert>> QoS policies supported by a DDSPublisher entity
oCDDS_PublishModeQosPolicySpecifies how RTI Connext DDS Micro sends application data on the network. This QoS policy can be used to tell RTI Connext DDS Micro to use its own thread to send data, instead of the user thread
oCDDS_ReliabilityQosPolicy<<cert>> Indicates the level of reliability offered/requested by RTI Connext DDS Micro
oCDDS_ReliableReaderActivityChangedStatus<<eXtension>> <<cert>> Describes the activity (i.e. are acknowledgements forthcoming) of reliable readers matched to a reliable writer
oCDDS_RequestedDeadlineMissedStatus<<cert>> DDS_REQUESTED_DEADLINE_MISSED_STATUS
oCDDS_RequestedIncompatibleQosStatus<<cert>> DDS_REQUESTED_INCOMPATIBLE_QOS_STATUS
oCDDS_ResourceLimitsQosPolicy<<cert>> Specifies the resources that RTI Connext DDS Micro can consume in order to meet the requested QoS
oCDDS_RtpsReliableReaderProtocol_tQos related to reliable reader protocol defined in RTPS
oCDDS_RtpsReliableWriterProtocol_t<<cert>> QoS related to the reliable writer protocol defined in RTPS
oCDDS_RtpsWellKnownPorts_tRTPS well-known port mapping configuration
oCDDS_SampleIdentity_tData structure used to provide explicit identity information about a published data sample
oCDDS_SampleInfoInformation that accompanies each sample that is read or taken
oCDDS_SampleInfoSeqDeclares IDL sequence < DDS_SampleInfo >
oCDDS_SampleLostStatus<<cert>> DDS_SAMPLE_LOST_STATUS
oCDDS_SequenceNumber_tType for sequence number representation
oCDDS_SubscriberQos<<cert>> QoS policies supported by a DDSSubscriber entity
oCDDS_SubscriptionBuiltinTopicDataEntry created when a DDSDataReader is discovered in association with its Subscriber
oCDDS_SubscriptionMatchedStatus<<cert>> DDS_SUBSCRIPTION_MATCHED_STATUS
oCDDS_SystemResourceLimitsQosPolicy<<cert>> Resource limits that apply only to DDSDomainParticipantFactory
oCDDS_Time_tType for time representation
oCDDS_TopicQosQoS policies supported by a DDSTopic entity
oCDDS_TransportQosPolicy<<eXtension>> <<cert>> Settings for available transports
oCDDS_UserTrafficQosPolicyA QosPolicy to configure properties of network traffic caused by the exchange of user data
oCDDS_VendorId<<eXtension>> <<cert>> Type used to represent the vendor of the service implementing the RTPS protocol
oCDDS_VendorId_t<<eXtension>> <<cert>> Type used to represent the vendor of the service implementing the RTPS protocol
oCDDS_WireProtocolQosPolicy<<cert>> Specifies the wire-protocol-related attributes for the DDSDomainParticipant
oCDDS_WriteParams_tData structure used to provide custom parameters to a DataWriter's write operation
oCDDSCondition<<interface>> <<cert>> Root class for all the conditions that may be attached to a DDSWaitSet
oCDDSConditionSeqA sequence object containing references to one or more DDSCondition objects
oCDDSDataReader<<interface>> <<cert>> Allows the application to: (1) declare the data it wishes to receive (i.e. make a subscription) and (2) access the data received by the attached DDSSubscriber
oCDDSDataReaderListener<<interface>> <<cert>> DDSListener for reader status
oCDDSDataWriter<<interface>> <<cert>> Allows an application to set the value of the data to be published under a given DDSTopic
oCDDSDataWriterListener<<interface>> <<cert>> DDSListener for writer status
oCDDSDomainEntity<<interface>> Abstract base class for all DDS entities except for the DDSDomainParticipant
oCDDSDomainParticipant<<interface>> <<cert>> Container for all DDSDomainEntity objects
oCDDSDomainParticipantFactory<<singleton>> <<interface>> <<cert>> Allows creation and destruction of DDSDomainParticipant objects
oCDDSDomainParticipantListener<<interface>> <<cert>> Listener for participant status
oCDDSEntity<<interface>> Abstract base class for all the DDS objects that support QoS policies, and a listener
oCDDSFlowController<<interface>> A flow controller is the object responsible for shaping the network traffic by determining when attached asynchronous DDSDataWriter instances are allowed to write data
oCDDSGuardCondition<<interface>> <<cert>> A specific DDSCondition whose trigger_value is completely under the control of the application
oCDDSListener<<interface>> Abstract base class for all Listener interfaces
oCDDSPublisher<<interface>> <<cert>> A publisher is the object responsible for the actual dissemination of publications
oCDDSPublisherListener<<interface>> <<cert>> DDSListener for DDSPublisher status
oCDDSStatusCondition<<interface>> <<cert>> A specific DDSCondition that is associated with each DDSEntity
oCDDSSubscriber<<interface>> A subscriber is the object responsible for actually receiving data from a subscription
oCDDSSubscriberListener<<interface>> <<cert>> DDSListener for status about a subscriber
oCDDSTopic<<interface>> The most basic description of the data to be published and subscribed
oCDDSTopicDescription<<interface>> Base class for DDSTopic
oCDDSTopicListener<<interface>> DDSListener for DDSTopic entities
oCDDSWaitSet<<interface>> <<cert>> Allows an application to wait until one or more of the attached DDSCondition objects has a trigger_value of DDS_BOOLEAN_TRUE or else until the timeout expires
oCDPSEDiscoveryFactory<<eXtension>> <<cert>> A discovery factory that will be used by the DDSDomainParticipantFactory to create a discovery plugin
oCFooDataReaderDeclares the interface required to support a user data type-specific data reader
oCFooDataWriterDeclares the interface required to support a user data type-specific data writer
oCFooSeq<<interface>> <<generic>> <<cert>> A type-safe, ordered collection of elements. The type of these elements is referred to in this documentation as "Foo"
oCFooTypeSupport<<interface>> <<generic>> User data type specific interface
oCNDDS_Discovery_PropertySpecifies internal information used to store discovery information about a DDSDomainParticipant in the registry
oCRHSMHistoryFactory<<eXtension>> <<cert>> A reader history factory that will be used by the DataReader to create a history cache
oCRTRegistry<<eXtension>> A run-time component factory
oCUDPInterfaceFactory<<eXtension>> <<cert>> A UDP transport factory that will be used by a DomainParticipant to create a UDP interface. Only one UDP interface can be registered with the DomainParticipantFactory
\CWHSMHistoryFactory<<eXtension>> <<cert>> A writer history factory that will be used by the DataWriter to create a history cache

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