RTI Connext DDS Micro C API  Version 3.0.2
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Log Codes


 Real-time Efficient Data Structures and Algorithms. ModuleID = 1.
 Database. ModuleID = 2.
 CDR. ModuleID = 5.
 RT. ModuleID = 3.
 Network I/O. ModuleID = 4.
 Real-Time Publish-Subscribe. ModuleID = 6.
 DDS C. ModuleID = 7.
 Reader History. ModuleID = 8.
 Writer History. ModuleID = 9.
 DPSE. ModuleID = 10.
 DPDE. ModuleID = 11.
 APPGEN. ModuleID = 13.

Detailed Description

This page contains references to all log codes reported by RTI Connext DDS Micro. Please refer to the Debugging section in the User's Manual for how to interpret log messages and Log API for the Log API.

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