RTI Connext DDS Micro C API  Version 3.0.2
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oDocumentation Guide
oDDS APIRTI Connext DDS Micro modules following the DDS module definitions
|oDomain ModuleContains the DDS_DomainParticipant class that acts as an entrypoint of RTI Connext DDS Micro and acts as a factory for many of the classes. The DDS_DomainParticipant also acts as a container for the other objects that make up RTI Connext DDS Micro. Testing RTI Connext DDS Micro command
|oTopicContains the DDS_Topic, the DDS_TopicListener interface, and more generally, all that is needed by an application to define DDS_Topic objects and the data types that are associated with DDS_Topic objects
|oPublication ModuleContains the DDS_Publisher, and DDS_DataWriter classes, and more generally, all that is needed on the publication side
|oSubscription ModuleContains the DDS_Subscriber, and DDS_DataReader classes, and more generally, all that is needed on the subscription side
|\Infrastructure ModuleDefines the DDS infrastructure package
oDPSE Static Discovery API
oDPDE Dynamic Discovery API
oCDR Stream API
oRT Run-Time API
oRHSM Reader History API
oWHSM Writer History API
oUDP Transport API
oUDP Transform API
oShared Memory Transport API
|oOSAPI Heap
|oOSAPI MutexMutex API
|oOSAPI SemaphoreAbstract Semaphore API
|oOSAPI SharedMemoryOS independent way to setup and access shared-memory segments, shared-memory mutexes and shared memory binary semaphores
|oOSAPI MemoryThese are utilities for OS-independent memory manipulation such as filling and copying
|oOSAPI SystemAbstract System API
|oOSAPI Thread
|oOSAPI Time
|oOSAPI Timer
|\OSAPI Types
oLog API
oApplication Generation API
oConfiguring Resource Limits
|oUDP Transport
|oDynamic Participant Static Endpoint (DPSE)
|\Dynamic Participant Dynamic Endpoint (DPDE)
\Log Codes
 oREDAReal-time Efficient Data Structures and Algorithms. ModuleID = 1
 oDBDatabase. ModuleID = 2
 oCDRCDR. ModuleID = 5
 oRTRT. ModuleID = 3
 oNETIONetwork I/O. ModuleID = 4
 oRTPSReal-Time Publish-Subscribe. ModuleID = 6
 oDDS_CDDS C. ModuleID = 7
 oRHReader History. ModuleID = 8
 oWHWriter History. ModuleID = 9
 oDPSEDPSE. ModuleID = 10
 oDPDEDPDE. ModuleID = 11

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