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DPSE Static Discovery API

Data Structures

struct  DPSE_DiscoveryPluginProperty
 <<eXtension>> <<cert>> Properties for the Dynamic Participant/Static Endpoint (DPSE) discovery plugin. This includes all discovery timing properties for participant discovery. More...


#define DPSE_DiscoveryPluginProperty_INITIALIZER
 Initializer for the DPSE_DiscoveryPluginProperty.

Detailed Description

<<eXtension>> <<cert>> The RTI Connext DDS Micro support for DPSE discovery of remote entities. Please refer to the Discovery chapter in the User's Manual, and the Getting Started Guide, for an example of how to register and use the DPSE plugin.

Macro Definition Documentation

#define DPSE_DiscoveryPluginProperty_INITIALIZER
{ \
{30,0}, \
{100,0}, \
5, \
{1,0}, \
4 \

Initializer for the DPSE_DiscoveryPluginProperty.

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