RTI Connext DDS Micro C API  Version 3.0.2
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RHSM Reader History API


const char * RHSM_HistoryFactory_get_version (void)
 Returns the version string for the RHSM library.

Detailed Description

The RHSM plugin is an implementation of the RTI Connext DDS Micro ReaderHistory plugin interface and implements the DataReader reader cache as supported by RTI Connext DDS Micro. RTI Connext DDS Micro requires that a ReaderHistory plugin is registered with the name "rh" in the DomainParticipantFactory before a DataReader can be created. Each instance of a DataReader creates its own instance of the ReaderHistory plugin. Please refer to User Manual for an example on how to register the writer history factory.

Function Documentation

const char* RHSM_HistoryFactory_get_version ( void  )

Returns the version string for the RHSM library.

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