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Each DDS_DataWriter maintains information about the state of its peer datareaders (those it has matched with). Part of this state is which locaters (or destination addresses) it should use to send data to a particular DDS_DataReader. The DDS_DataWriterResourceLimitsQosPolicy::max_routes_per_reader resource-limit limits the number of routes that can be saved per DDS_DataReader.
This resource-limit is shared across all matched datareaders per DDS_DataWriter. Thus, if DDS_DataWriterResourceLimitsQosPolicy::max_remote_readers is 2 and DDS_DataWriterResourceLimitsQosPolicy::max_routes_per_reader is 4, a total of 8 routes can be saved for both datareaders. One DDS_DataReader may have 6 routes and the other 2.

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