2. Installation

RTI Connext Gateway is distributed in source format. You can clone the source repository using git:

git clone --recurse-submodule https://github.com/rticommunity/rticonnextdds-gateway.git

The --recurse-submodule option is required to clone additional third-party repositories as submodules.

If you forget to clone the repository with --recurse-submodule, simply run the following command to pull all the dependencies:

git submodule update --init --recursive

2.1. External Dependencies

2.1.1. Source Build

The repository requires cmake to be built from source, plus a toolchain supported by one of cmake’s generators.

2.1.2. External Librarires Routing Service Modbus Adapter


Libmodbus is used as implementation of the client and server of the MODBUS protocol.


LGPL v2.1 Routing Service MQTT Adapter


The Paho C Client library is used as implementation of the client side of the MQTT protocol.


Eclipse Public License - v 2.0 Routing Service Kafka Adapter


The Librdkafka library is used as implementation of the client side of the Kafka protocol.


2-clause BSD license

2.1.3. Other Dependencies


json_parser is used in order to parse json files.


BSD with no dependencies

2.1.4. Documentation

The repository requires doxygen and sphinx. You may also need to manually install: graphviz, docutils 0.14+, and sphinx_rtd_theme. See the README.md file for further information.