6. Release Notes

6.1. Supported Platforms

PlotJuggler RTI Edition is expected to run on the platforms in Table 6.1.

Table 6.1 Supported Platforms


Operating System

Linux systems

Tested on Ubuntu 18.04 64 bits and Ubuntu 20.04 64 bits.

macOS systems

Tested on macOS Catalina x86 processor (10.15) and M1 processor in Monterey (12.5.1).

Windows systems

Tested on Windows 10.

6.2. What’s fixed

This is the list of fixed issues for PlotJuggler 3.6.1 using Connext 7.3.0.

  1. The QoS profile that was selected when joining a DDS domain was only used to create the DDS Domain Participant, preventing to change the DataReader QoS profiles. This is now used to create also the DataReaders as well.

6.3. Known Issues

  1. PlotJuggler plots are not rendering correctly in some external displays when using specific versions of macOS systems.

    • In order to fix this, move PlotJuggler to the laptop native screen or change the resolution to match the native screen.

  2. In macOS systems, the PlotJuggler CSV plugin causes unexpected behaviors and therefore it is not shipped.