9. Appendix: Filters

9.1. Filters with Predefined Values

Wireshark includes filters you can apply to RTPS packets, along with their data types and predefined values.

To use these filters, select Analyze > Display Filter Expression.

You can also use the resulting Display Filter Expression window as a Wizard to build custom filters.

Display Expression Window

9.2. Add RTPS Filter Shortcuts

Wireshark includes a set of predefined display filters. Click the Bookmarks icon on the Filter toolbar to select or manage saved filters.

Filter Toolbar

To add more filters, include them in the dfilters file in your Wireshark installation directory. The following list of filters are commonly used when working with the RTPS protocol. To add them to Wireshark, copy and paste the list into your dfilters file, then restart Wireshark.

"DATA(P)" (rtps.sm.id == 0x15) && (rtps.sm.wrEntityId == 0x000100c2)
"DATA(W)" (rtps.sm.id == 0x15) && (rtps.sm.wrEntityId == 0x000003c2)
"DATA(r)" (rtps.sm.id == 0x15) && (rtps.sm.wrEntityId == 0x000004c2)
"DATA" (rtps.sm.id == 0x15) && ((rtps.sm.wrEntityId != 0x000100c2) && (rtps.sm.wrEntityId != 0x000004c2) && (rtps.sm.wrEntityId != 0x000003c2))
"DATA_SESSION" (rtps.sm.id == 0x14)

The new filters appear at the bottom of the Bookmarks menu.

New Filters