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<<interface>> Listener for participant status. More...

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Detailed Description

<<interface>> Listener for participant status.

Status Kinds
This is the interface that can be implemented by an application-provided class and then registered with the DDSDomainParticipant such that the application can be notified by RTI Data Distribution Service of relevant status changes.

The DDSDomainParticipantListener interface extends all other Listener interfaces and has no additional operation beyond the ones defined by the more general listeners.

The purpose of the DDSDomainParticipantListener is to be the listener of last resort that is notified of all status changes not captured by more specific listeners attached to the DDSDomainEntity objects. When a relevant status change occurs, RTI Data Distribution Service will first attempt to notify the listener attached to the concerned DDSDomainEntity if one is installed. Otherwise, RTI Data Distribution Service will notify the Listener attached to the DDSDomainParticipant.

Important: Because a DDSDomainParticipantListener may receive callbacks pertaining to many different entities, it is possible for the same listener to receive multiple callbacks simultaneously in different threads. (Such is not the case for listeners of other types.) It is therefore critical that users of this listener provide their own protection for any thread-unsafe activities undertaken in a DDSDomainParticipantListener callback.

Note: Due to a thread-safety issue, the destruction of a DomainParticipantListener from an enabled DomainParticipant should be avoided -- even if the DomainParticipantListener has been removed from the DomainParticipant. (This limitation does not affect the Java API.)

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