RTI Data Distribution Service

Version 4.5e

Real-Time Innovations, Inc.

RTI Data Distribution Service is a data-centric communications middleware that allows developers to build high-performance distributed communications in a heterogeneous computer environment.

The Application Programming Interface (API) of RTI Data Distribution Service 4 is based on the OMG's Data Distribution Service (DDS) specification. The most recent publication of this specification can be found in the Catalog of OMG Specifications under "Middleware Specifications".

Feedback and Support for this Release.

For more information, visit our knowledge base, accessible from http://www.rti.com/support, to see sample code, general information on RTI Data Distribution Service, performance information, troubleshooting tips, and technical details.

By its very nature, the knowledge base is continuously evolving and improving. We hope that you will find it helpful. If there are questions that you would like to see addressed or comments you would like to share, please send e-mail to support@rti.com. We can only guarantee a response for customers with a current maintenance contract or subscription. To purchase a maintenance contract or subscription, contact your local RTI representative (see http://www.rti.com/company/contact.html), send an email request to sales@rti.com, or call +1 (408) 990-7400.

Please do not hesitate to contact RTI with questions or comments about this release. We welcome any input on how to improve RTI Data Distribution Service to suit your needs.

Available Documentation.

The documentation of this release is provided in two forms: the HTML API reference and PDF documents. If you are new to RTI Data Distribution Service 4, the Documentation Roadmap will provide direction on how to learn about this product.

The PDF documents are:

The HTML API reference contains:

The HTML API documentation can be accessed through the tree view in the left frame of the web browser window. The bulk of the documentation is found under the entry labeled "Modules".

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