DDSTopicBuiltinTopicDataDataReader Class Reference
[Topic Built-in Topics]

Instantiates DataReader < DDS_TopicBuiltinTopicData > . More...

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DDSDataReader DDSDomainEntity DDSEntity

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Instantiates DataReader < DDS_TopicBuiltinTopicData > .

DDSDataReader of topic DDS_TOPIC_TOPIC_NAME used for accessing DDS_TopicBuiltinTopicData of the remote DDSTopic.

Note: The DDS_TopicBuiltinTopicData built-in topic is meant to convey information about discovered Topics. This Topic's samples are not propagated in a separate packet on the wire. Instead, the data is sent as part of the information carried by other built-in topics (DDS_PublicationBuiltinTopicData and DDS_SubscriptionBuiltinTopicData). Therefore TopicBuiltinTopicData DataReaders will not receive any data.

<<generic>> FooDataReader
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