RTI transport  Version 1.0af [build 01]
RTI transport Documentation

The NDDS Transport-Plugin API presents an abstract communication model that is independent of underlying physical transport devices. This API is used by the higher layers of NDDS to send and receive messages.

Code that implements the NDDS Transport-Plugin API can be plugged into the NDDS middleware framework allowing users to use virtually any physical transport that can carry data from one application to another, one node to another.

NDDS provides several builtin Transport Plugins. Users can create their own plugin by writing code that implements the interface described in NDDS Transport-Plugin API. To use the plugin, the user must instantiate, install and configure the plugin via the NDDS APIs described in NDDSTransportUserModule.

To write your own Transport Plugin, start with the documentation in NDDS Transport-Plugin API. There is supporting documentation in Common Transport-Plugin Types and Declarations that describes base types and structures used by the Transport-Plugin API.

Finally, there is an example of a Transport Plugin using serial communications provided in source code and documented in Example Transport Plugin.

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