RTI transport  Version 1.0af [build 01]
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oClass IdTransport class ID. Specifies the ID of a Transport-Plugin 'class'
oAddressTransport-independent addressing scheme using IPv6 presentation strings and numerically stored in network-ordered format
oCommon Transport-Plugin Types and DeclarationsBasic types and macros provided by NDDS for use in the NDDS Transport-Plugin interface
|oPort4-byte number used by RTI Connext to distinguish between receivers of messages on the same interface (address)
|oInterfaceAbstraction of a Transport-Plugin network interface
|\Transport PriorityA QoS set in DDS DataWriters, that is passed to the Transport Plugin when creating SendResources
oNDDS Transport-Plugin APIDocumentation for implementing a Transport Plugin using NDDS's abstract pluggable-transport interface
|oMethodsMethods that every Transport-Plugin implementation must provide
|oResourcesHandle to information needed to send or receive messagees by a Transport Plugin
|oMessageSupport for a message received from a Transport Plugin
|\ListenerThe API used by a Transport Plugin to notify the NDDS core of dynamic changes in the Transport Plugin
oBuiltin Transport PluginsTransport Plugins delivered with NDDS
|\Intra-Process Transport PluginBuiltin Transport Plugin for Intra-Process Communications
\Example Transport PluginA full source example of a Transport Plugin

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