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FlowControllerProperty_t Class Reference

Determines the flow control characteristics of the com.rti.dds.publication.FlowController. More...

Inherits Struct.

Public Attributes

FlowControllerSchedulingPolicy scheduling_policy
 Scheduling policy.
FlowControllerTokenBucketProperty_t token_bucket
 Settings for the token bucket.

Additional Inherited Members

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abstract boolean equals (Object obj)
abstract int hashCode ()
String toString ()
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 Struct ()
abstract void pull_from_nativeI (long native_status)
abstract void push_to_nativeI (long native_status)

Detailed Description

Determines the flow control characteristics of the com.rti.dds.publication.FlowController.

The flow control characteristics shape the network traffic by determining how often and in what order associated asynchronous com.rti.dds.publication.DataWriter instances are serviced and how much data they are allowed to send.

Note that these settings apply directly to the com.rti.dds.publication.FlowController, and do not depend on the number of com.rti.dds.publication.DataWriter instances the com.rti.dds.publication.FlowController is servicing. For instance, the specified flow rate does not double simply because two com.rti.dds.publication.DataWriter instances are waiting to write.

RxO = N/A

Changeable = NO for com.rti.dds.publication.FlowControllerProperty_t.scheduling_policy, YES for com.rti.dds.publication.FlowControllerProperty_t.token_bucket. However, the special value of com.rti.dds.infrastructure.Duration_t.INFINITE as com.rti.dds.publication.FlowControllerTokenBucketProperty_t.period is strictly used to create an on-demand com.rti.dds.publication.FlowController. The token period cannot toggle from an infinite to finite value (or vice versa). It can, however, change from one finite value to another.

Member Data Documentation

FlowControllerSchedulingPolicy scheduling_policy

Scheduling policy.

Determines the scheduling policy for servicing the com.rti.dds.publication.DataWriter instances associated with the com.rti.dds.publication.FlowController.

[default] idref_FlowControllerSchedulingPolicy_EDF_FLOW_CONTROLLER_SCHED_POLICY

Settings for the token bucket.

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