RTI Connext Java API  Version 5.1.0
Class Hierarchy
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oCAcknowledgmentInfoInformation about an application-level acknowledged sample
oCAllocationSettings_tResource allocation settings
oCBAD_PARAMThe exception BadKind is thrown when an inappropriate operation is invoked on a TypeCode object
oCBAD_TYPECODEThe exception BadKind is thrown when an inappropriate operation is invoked on a TypeCode object
oCBuiltinTopicReaderResourceLimits_tBuilt-in topic reader's resource limits
oCChannelSettingsSeqDeclares IDL sequence< com.rti.dds.infrastructure.ChannelSettings_t >
oCCloseableFinalizerEnsures that subclasses get automatically closed when they are garbage collected
oCCondition<<interface>> Root class for all the conditions that may be attached to a com.rti.dds.infrastructure.WaitSet
oCConditionSeqInstantiates com.rti.dds.infrastructure.com.rti.dds.util.Sequence < com.rti.dds.infrastructure.Condition >
oCContentFilter<<interface>> Interface to be used by a custom filter of a com.rti.dds.topic.ContentFilteredTopic
oCContentFilterProperty_t<<eXtension>> Type used to provide all the required information to enable content filtering
oCCookie_t<<eXtension>> Sequence of bytes
oCCookieSeqDeclares IDL sequence < com.rti.dds.infrastructure.Cookie_t >
oCCopyable<<eXtension>> <<interface>> Interface for all the user-defined data type classes that support copy
oCDataReaderCacheStatus<<eXtension>> The status of the reader's cache
oCDataReaderProtocolStatus<<eXtension>> The status of a reader's internal protocol related metrics, like the number of samples received, filtered, rejected; and status of wire protocol traffic
oCDataReaderSeqDeclares IDL sequence < com.rti.dds.subscription.DataReader >
oCDataWriterCacheStatus<<eXtension>> The status of the writer's cache
oCDataWriterProtocolStatus<<eXtension>> The status of a writer's internal protocol related metrics, like the number of samples pushed, pulled, filtered; and status of wire protocol traffic
oCDiscoveryConfigBuiltinPluginKindBuilt-in discovery plugins that can be used
oCDomainParticipantFactory<<singleton>> <<interface>> Allows creation and destruction of com.rti.dds.domain.DomainParticipant objects
oCDuration_tType for duration representation
oCDynamicDataInfoA descriptor for a com.rti.dds.dynamicdata.DynamicData object
oCDynamicDataMemberInfoA descriptor for a single member (i.e. field) of dynamically defined data type
oCDynamicDataProperty_tA collection of attributes used to configure com.rti.dds.dynamicdata.DynamicData objects
oCDynamicDataTypeProperty_tA collection of attributes used to configure com.rti.dds.dynamicdata.DynamicData objects
oCDynamicDataTypeSerializationProperty_tProperties that govern how data of a certain type will be serialized on the network
oCEndpointGroup_tSpecifies a group of endpoints that can be collectively identified by a name and satisfied by a quorum
oCEndpointGroupSeqA sequence of com.rti.dds.infrastructure.EndpointGroup_t
oCEntity<<interface>> Abstract base class for all the DDS objects that support QoS policies, a listener, and a status condition
oCEnumMemberA description of a member of an enumeration
oCExpressionPropertyProvides additional information about the filter expression passed to com.rti.dds.topic.WriterContentFilter.writer_compile
oCFilterSampleInfoProvides meta information associated with the sample
oCFlowController<<interface>> A flow controller is the object responsible for shaping the network traffic by determining when attached asynchronous com.rti.dds.publication.DataWriter instances are allowed to write data
oCFlowControllerProperty_tDetermines the flow control characteristics of the com.rti.dds.publication.FlowController
oCFlowControllerTokenBucketProperty_tCom.rti.dds.publication.FlowController uses the popular token bucket approach for open loop network flow control. The flow control characteristics are determined by the token bucket properties
oCFooTypeSupport<<interface>> <<generic>> User data type specific interface
oCGuardCondition<<interface>> A specific com.rti.dds.infrastructure.Condition whose trigger_value is completely under the control of the application
oCGUID_tType for GUID (Global Unique Identifier) representation
oCInetAddressSeqDeclares IDL sequence< com.rti.dds.infrastructure.java.net.InetAddress >
oCInstanceHandleSeqInstantiates com.rti.dds.infrastructure.com.rti.dds.util.Sequence < com.rti.dds.infrastructure.InstanceHandle_t >
oCInstanceStateKindIndicates is the samples are from a live com.rti.dds.publication.DataWriter or not
oCSample< T >.Iterator< T >Provides access to a collection of middleware-loaned samples
oCLibraryVersion_tThe version of a single library shipped as part of an RTI Connext distribution
oCListener<<interface>> Abstract base class for all Listener interfaces
oCLocator_t<<eXtension>> Type used to represent the addressing information needed to send a message to an RTPS Endpoint using one of the supported transports
oCLocatorFilter_tSpecifies the configuration of an individual channel within a MultiChannel DataWriter
oCLocatorFilterSeqDeclares IDL sequence< com.rti.dds.infrastructure.LocatorFilter_t >
oCLocatorSeqDeclares IDL sequence < com.rti.dds.infrastructure.Locator_t >
oCLogger<<interface>> The singleton type used to configure RTI Connext logging
oCLoggerDevice<<interface>> Logging device interface. Use for user-defined logging devices
oCLogMessageLog message
oCObjectHolder<<eXtension>> Holder of object instance
oCParticipantBuiltinTopicDataEntry created when a DomainParticipant object is discovered
oCParticipantBuiltinTopicDataDataReaderInstantiates DataReader < builtin.ParticipantBuiltinTopicData >
oCParticipantBuiltinTopicDataSeqInstantiates com.rti.dds.infrastructure.com.rti.dds.util.Sequence < builtin.ParticipantBuiltinTopicData >
oCPRIVATE_MEMBERConstant used to indicate that a value type member is private
oCProductVersion_t<<eXtension>> Type used to represent the current version of RTI Connext
oCProperty_tProperties are name/value pairs objects
oCTransport.Property_tBase structure that must be inherited by derived Transport Plugin classes
oCPropertyQosPolicyHelperPolicy Helpers which facilitate management of the properties in the input policy
oCPropertySeqDeclares IDL sequence < com.rti.dds.infrastructure.Property_t >
oCProtocolVersion_t<<eXtension>> Type used to represent the version of the RTPS protocol
oCPUBLIC_MEMBERConstant used to indicate that a value type member is public
oCPublicationBuiltinTopicDataEntry created when a com.rti.dds.publication.DataWriter is discovered in association with its Publisher
oCPublicationBuiltinTopicDataDataReaderInstantiates DataReader < builtin.PublicationBuiltinTopicData >
oCPublicationBuiltinTopicDataSeqInstantiates com.rti.dds.infrastructure.com.rti.dds.util.Sequence < builtin.PublicationBuiltinTopicData >
oCPublisherSeqDeclares IDL sequence < com.rti.dds.publication.Publisher >
oCQosAn abstract base class for all QoS types
oCQosPolicyThe base class for all QoS policies
oCQosPolicyCountType to hold a counter for a com.rti.dds.infrastructure.QosPolicyId_t
oCQosPolicyCountSeqDeclares IDL sequence < com.rti.dds.infrastructure.QosPolicyCount >
oCReliableReaderActivityChangedStatus<<eXtension>> Describes the activity (i.e. are acknowledgements forthcoming) of reliable readers matched to a reliable writer
oCReliableWriterCacheChangedStatus<<eXtension>> A summary of the state of a data writer's cache of unacknowledged samples written
oCReliableWriterCacheEventCount<<eXtension>> The number of times the number of unacknowledged samples in the cache of a reliable writer hit a certain well-defined threshold
oCReplierListener< TReq, TRep >Called when a com.rti.connext.requestreply.Replier<TReq,TRep> has new available requests
oCReplierParams< TReq, TRep >Contains the parameters for creating a com.rti.connext.requestreply.Replier<TReq,TRep>
oCRequesterParamsContains the parameters for creating a com.rti.connext.requestreply.Requester<TReq,TRep>
oCRETCODE_ERRORGeneric, unspecified error
oCRtpsReliableReaderProtocol_tQos related to reliable reader protocol defined in RTPS
oCRtpsReliableWriterProtocol_tQoS related to the reliable writer protocol defined in RTPS
oCRtpsReservedPortKindRTPS reserved port kind, used to identify the types of ports that can be reserved on domain participant enable
oCRtpsWellKnownPorts_tRTPS well-known port mapping configuration
oCSampleIdentity_tType definition for a Sample Identity
oCSampleStateKindIndicates whether or not a sample has ever been read
oCSequence<<interface>> <<generic>> A type-safe, ordered collection of elements. The type of these elements is referred to in this documentation as com.rti.ndds.example.Foo
oCSequenceNumber_tType for sequence number representation
oCSimpleReplierListener< TReq, TRep >The listener called by a SimpleReplier
oCSimpleReplierParams< TReq, TRep >Contains the parameters for creating a com.rti.connext.requestreply.SimpleReplier<TReq,TRep>
oCStatusKindType for status kinds
oCStructMemberA description of a member of a struct
oCSubscriberSeqDeclares IDL sequence < com.rti.dds.subscription.Subscriber >
oCSubscriptionBuiltinTopicDataEntry created when a com.rti.dds.subscription.DataReader is discovered in association with its Subscriber
oCSubscriptionBuiltinTopicDataDataReaderInstantiates DataReader < builtin.SubscriptionBuiltinTopicData >
oCSubscriptionBuiltinTopicDataSeqInstantiates com.rti.dds.infrastructure.com.rti.dds.util.Sequence < builtin.SubscriptionBuiltinTopicData >
oCThreadSettings_tThe properties of a thread of execution
oCThreadSettingsKindA collection of flags used to configure threads of execution
oCTopicBuiltinTopicDataEntry created when a Topic object discovered
oCTopicBuiltinTopicDataDataReaderInstantiates DataReader < builtin.TopicBuiltinTopicData >
oCTopicBuiltinTopicDataSeqInstantiates com.rti.dds.infrastructure.com.rti.dds.util.Sequence < builtin.TopicBuiltinTopicData >
oCTopicDescriptionCom.rti.dds.topic.Topic entity and associated elements
oCTransportRTI Connext's abstract pluggable transport interface
oCTransportBuiltinKindBuilt-in transport kind
oCTransportInfo_tContains the class_id and message_size_max of an installed transport
oCTransportInfoSeqInstantiates com.rti.dds.infrastructure.com.rti.dds.util.Sequence < com.rti.dds.infrastructure.TransportInfo_t >
oCTransportMulticastMapping_tType representing a list of multicast mapping elements
oCTransportMulticastMappingFunction_tType representing an external mapping function
oCTransportMulticastMappingSeqDeclares IDL sequence< com.rti.dds.infrastructure.TransportMulticastSettings_t >
oCTransportMulticastSettings_tType representing a list of multicast locators
oCTransportMulticastSettingsSeqDeclares IDL sequence< com.rti.dds.infrastructure.TransportMulticastSettings_t >
oCTransportSupport<<interface>> The utility class used to configure RTI Connext pluggable transports
oCTransportUnicastSettings_tType representing a list of unicast locators
oCTransportUnicastSettingsSeqDeclares IDL sequence< com.rti.dds.infrastructure.TransportUnicastSettings_t >
oCTypeCodeThe definition of a particular data type, which you can use to inspect the name, members, and other properties of types generated with rtiddsgen or to modify types you define yourself at runtime
oCTypeCodeFactoryA singleton factory for creating, copying, and deleting data type definitions dynamically
oCTypeSupport<<interface>> An abstract marker interface that has to be specialized for each concrete user data type that will be used by the application
oCUnionMemberA description of a member of a union
oCUserExceptionUser exception
oCValueMemberA description of a member of a value type
oCVendorId_t<<eXtension>> Type used to represent the vendor of the service implementing the RTPS protocol
oCVersion<<interface>> The version of an RTI Connext distribution
oCViewStateKindIndicates whether or not an instance is new
oCVM_ABSTRACTConstant used to indicate that a value type has the abstract modifier
oCVM_CUSTOMConstant used to indicate that a value type has the custom modifier
oCVM_NONEConstant used to indicate that a value type has no modifiers
oCVM_TRUNCATABLEConstant used to indicate that a value type has the truncatable modifier
oCWaitSet<<interface>> Allows an application to wait until one or more of the attached com.rti.dds.infrastructure.Condition objects has a trigger_value of com.rti.dds.infrastructure.true or else until the timeout expires
\CWaitSetProperty_t<<eXtension>> Specifies the com.rti.dds.infrastructure.WaitSet behavior for multiple trigger events

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