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rti::flat::AbstractSequenceBuilder Class Reference

Base class of Builders for sequence members. More...

#include <SequenceBuilders.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for rti::flat::AbstractSequenceBuilder:
rti::flat::AbstractListBuilder rti::flat::AbstractBuilder rti::flat::PrimitiveSequenceBuilder< char > rti::flat::FinalSequenceBuilder< ElementOffset > rti::flat::MutableSequenceBuilder< ElementBuilder > rti::flat::PrimitiveSequenceBuilder< T > rti::flat::StringBuilder

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from rti::flat::AbstractBuilder
void discard ()
 Discards a member in process of being built.
bool is_nested () const
 Returns whether this is a member Builder.
bool is_valid () const
 Whether this Builder is valid.
rti::xcdr::length_t capacity () const
 Returns the total capacity in bytes.
- Protected Member Functions inherited from rti::flat::AbstractListBuilder
unsigned int element_count () const
 Returns the current number of elements that have been added.

Detailed Description

Base class of Builders for sequence members.

This class contains only implementation details and doesn't add any public function to AbstractListBuilder.

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