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TransportAllocationSettings_t Struct Reference

Allocation settings used by various internal buffers. More...

Detailed Description

Allocation settings used by various internal buffers.

An allocation setting structure defines the rules of memory management used by internal buffers.

An internal buffer can provide blocks of memory of fixed size. They are used in several places of any transport, and this structure defines its starting size, limits, and how to increase its capacity.

It contains three values:

  • initial_count: the number of individual elements that are allocated when the buffer is created.

  • max_count: the maximum number of elements the buffer can hold. The buffer will grow up to this amount. After this limit is reached, new allocation requests will fail. For unlimited size, use the value NDDS_TRANSPORT_ALLOCATION_SETTINGS_MAX_COUNT_UNLIMITED

  • incremental_count: The amount of elements that are allocated at every increment. You can use the value: NDDS_TRANSPORT_ALLOCATION_SETTINGS_INCREMENTAL_COUNT_AUTOMATIC to have the buffer double its size at every reallocation request.

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