RTI Recording Service  Version 6.0.0
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rti::recording::RecordingService Class Reference

The RTI Recording Service. More...

#include <RecordingService.hpp>

Inherits Reference< RecordingServiceImpl >.

Public Member Functions

 RecordingService (const ServiceProperty &property)
 Creates a RTI Recording Service instance.
void start ()
 Starts RTI Recording Service.
void stop ()
 Stops RTI Recording Service.

Static Public Member Functions

static void finalize_globals ()
 Finalizes global resources that RTI Recording Service requires to operate.

Detailed Description

The RTI Recording Service.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

rti::recording::RecordingService::RecordingService ( const ServiceProperty property)

Creates a RTI Recording Service instance.

[in]propertyThe property to configure RTI Recording Service instance.

Member Function Documentation

void rti::recording::RecordingService::start ( )

Starts RTI Recording Service.

This is a non-blocking operation. RTI Recording Service will create its own set of threads to perform its tasks.

void rti::recording::RecordingService::stop ( )

Stops RTI Recording Service.

This operation will bloc the instance is fully stopped.

static void rti::recording::RecordingService::finalize_globals ( )

Finalizes global resources that RTI Recording Service requires to operate.

This operation releases resources specific to RTI Recording Service only. RTI Connext global state shall be released separately through the DomainParticipantFactory's finalize_instance().

This operation should be called by your application only upon exit, after all service instances have been deleted. Calling it at a different time may cause the application to crash.

MT Safety:
unsafe. Applications are not allowed to call this operation concurrently

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