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dds::topic::Topic entity and associated elements More...


class  dds::core::status::InconsistentTopicStatus
 Information about the status dds::core::status::StatusMask::inconsistent_topic() More...
class  dds::topic::AnyTopic
 <<reference-type>> This class provides an non-template holder for representing a Topic of any type More...
class  dds::topic::ContentFilteredTopic< T >
 <<reference-type>> Specialization of TopicDescription that allows for content-based subscriptions. More...
class  dds::topic::Filter
 Defines the filter to create a ContentFilteredTopic. More...
class  dds::topic::TopicInstance< T >
 Encapsulates a sample and its associated instance handle. More...
class  dds::topic::TopicListener< T >
 The listener to notify status changes for a dds::topic::Topic. More...
class  dds::topic::NoOpTopicListener< T >
 A convenience implementation of TopicListener where all methods are overridden to do nothing. More...
class  dds::topic::Topic< T >
 <<reference-type>> Topic is the most basic description of the data to be published and subscribed. More...
class  dds::topic::TopicDescription< T >
 Abstract base class of Topic and ContentFilteredTopic. More...
class  rti::topic::ExpressionProperty
 <<extension>> <<value-type>> Provides additional information about the filter expression passed to the writer_compile method of rti::topic::WriterContentFilter More...
class  rti::topic::FilterSampleInfo
 <<extension>> <<value-type>> Provides meta information associated with the sample. More...
class  rti::topic::PrintFormatProperty
 <<extension>> <<value-type>> A collection of attributes used to configure how data samples will be formatted when converted to a string. More...
class  dds::topic::qos::TopicQos
 <<value-type>> Container of the QoS policies that a dds::topic::Topic supports More...


std::string rti::topic::sql_filter_name ()
 <<extension>> The name of the built-in SQL filter
std::string rti::topic::stringmatch_filter_name ()
 <<extension>> The name of the built-in StringMatch filter

Detailed Description

dds::topic::Topic entity and associated elements

Function Documentation

std::string rti::topic::sql_filter_name ( )
std::string rti::topic::stringmatch_filter_name ( )

<<extension>> The name of the built-in StringMatch filter

This filter can be used with a dds::topic::ContentFilteredTopic and a rti::core::policy::MultiChannel-enabled dds::pub::DataWriter.

The StringMatch Filter is a subset of the SQL filter; it only supports the MATCH relational operator on a single string field.

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