3.2.13. RTI Launcher

The following issues affect backward compatibility in Launcher starting in Release 6.0.0. Configuration Custom buttons

If you added custom buttons to the User tab in previous releases, you need to make the following changes to continue seeing the User tab and buttons:

  1. Open your old user.xml file:

  2. In your 6.0.0 installation, look for the following:

  3. Make a copy of example.xml for each button that you have and rename the file how you want. (The buttons will display alphabetically by .xml file name.)

  4. Copy each <button name="your_button_name"> tag component from your old user.xml file to each renamed example.xml file.

  5. To set the order of the buttons in the User tab, do one of the following:

    • Modify configuration.xml.
    • Modify your example.xml file names to set the order of the buttons alphabetically.

    Launcher orders the buttons in the User tab as specified in configuration.xml or, if not specified there, alphabetically by example.xml file name.

See “Adding a Button to the Launcher’s User Panel,” in the RTI Launcher User’s Manual for more details. New GTK+ dependency

To run Launcher on a Linux system, Launcher requires at least GTK+ 2 version 2.24.0 and its dependencies. As a result, Launcher might not be able to run on some operating systems, such as SuSE 11 SP2 (which has an older version of GTK+ 2).