3.2.16. RTI Utilities Dynamically Linked Libraries

In Connext 6, RTI DDS Ping, RTI DDS Spy, and RTI Connext DDS Prototyper are no longer statically linked with the core libraries, but dynamically linked. This means that these utilities will load the Connext DDS core libraries (for example, libnddsc.so, libnddscore.so, and libnddscpp.so for Unix) at runtime. As a result, running DDS Ping, DDS Spy, or Prototyper as a standalone product no longer works, since it depends on the Connext DDS core libraries. If you need to run these products standalone, contact RTI Support at support@rti.com.

For Prototyper, follow the configuration steps in the Monitoring Library section of the Core Libraries User’s Manual for dynamically linked applications. The custom method that Prototyper used to provide for enabling Monitoring (chapter 10 in the 5.3.1 Prototyper Getting Started Guide) is no longer required or supported.