RTI Connext Modern C++ API Version 7.2.0
dds::core::policy::ReliabilityKind_def Struct Reference

The definition of the dds::core::safe_enum ReliabilityKind. More...

#include <PolicyKind.hpp>

Public Types

enum  type {
 The underlying enum type. More...

Detailed Description

The definition of the dds::core::safe_enum ReliabilityKind.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ type

The underlying enum type.


Indicates that it is acceptable to not retry propagation of any samples.

Presumably new values for the samples are generated often enough that it is not necessary to re-send or acknowledge any samples.

[default] for dds::sub::DataReader and dds::topic::Topic


Specifies that RTI Connext will attempt to deliver all samples in its history. Missed samples may be retried.

In steady-state (no modifications communicated via the dds::pub::DataWriter), RTI Connext guarantees that all samples in the dds::pub::DataWriter history will eventually be delivered to all the dds::sub::DataReader objects (subject to timeouts that indicate loss of communication with a particular dds::sub::Subscriber).

Outside steady state, the HISTORY and RESOURCE_LIMITS policies will determine how samples become part of the history and whether samples can be discarded from it.

[default] for dds::pub::DataWriter