6.1. What’s New in 7.1.0

This section describes what’s new, compared to the RTI Security Plugins 7.0.0.

6.1.11. Other Changes Redaction of sensitive properties when logging DDS ‘Entities’ PropertyQos configuration

Connext has the ability to log the DDS Entity QoS configuration when a DDS Entity is created and when the DDS Entity QoS is set. The logged information includes all the Entity’s PropertyQos properties that have non-default values.

This release now redacts the values of sensitive properties (for example, those containing cryptographic keys) before they are output to the log. For example, logging the dds.sec.auth.private_key property will result in the following output:


Connext considers as sensitive any property that ends with any of the following suffixes:

  • “.cryptography.key”

  • “.internal_license_string”

  • “.internal_license_validation”

  • “.key_material_key”

  • “.license_file”

  • “.license_string”

  • “.participant_discovery_protection_key”

  • “.password”

  • “.private_key”

  • “.private_key_file”

  • “.private_key_password”

  • “.rsa_private_key”

  • “.rsa_private_key_file”

  • “.rtps_protection_key”

  • “.rtps_protection_preshared_key”