RTI TCP Transport  Version 6.0.0
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Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
oCNDDS_Transport_TCPv4_ConnectionLivelinessSettings_tConnection liveliness settings
oCNDDS_Transport_TCPv4_EventThreadSettings_tEvent thread settings
oCNDDS_Transport_TCPv4_Property_tConfigurable TCP Transport-Plugin properties
oCNDDS_Transport_TCPv4_WindowsIOCPSettings_tWindows I/O completion ports settings
oCRTITLS_CiphersSet of TLS properties for cipher configuration
oCRTITLS_DHParamFileName of a Diffie-Helman (DH) key file and the length of the contained key in bits
oCRTITLS_IdentitySet of TLS properties for identity
oCRTITLS_OpenSSL_ConfigurationFull set of TLS properties
\CRTITLS_VerificationSet of TLS properties for certificate authorities (CAs) and verification

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