9.5.1. What’s New in 7.1.0 Web Integration Service now installed with RTI Connext Professional

Starting in 7.1.0, Web Integration Service is installed with the RTI Connext Professional bundle. (It was always included with Professional, but you had to install it separately.) You no longer need to install Web Integration Service separately. It is installed with your rti_connext_dds-7.1.0-pro-<host or target>-<host platform or target architecture>.<extension or rtipkg> bundle. See Installation for details. Run Web Integration Service Library API from an application

This release adds support for Web Integration Service Library API (static and dynamic), as an alternative to the standalone executable available in previous releases. You can now run a Web Integration Service instance within your application by linking with the new library and using the C++ API offered by the library on all supported architectures. Third-Party Software Upgrades

The following third-party software used by Web Integration Service has been upgraded:

Table 9.2 Third-Party Software Changes

Third-Party Software

Previous Version

Current Version







For information on third-party software used by Connext products, see the “3rdPartySoftware” documents in your installation: <NDDSHOME>/doc/manuals/connext_dds_professional/release_notes_3rdparty.