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DDS_ReliabilityQosPolicy Struct Reference

<<cert>> Indicates the level of reliability offered/requested by RTI Connext Micro. More...

#include <dds_c_infrastructure.h>

Data Fields

DDS_ReliabilityQosPolicyKind kind
 Kind of reliability.
struct DDS_Duration_t max_blocking_time
 [Not supported.] The maximum time a writer may block on write() call.

Detailed Description

<<cert>> Indicates the level of reliability offered/requested by RTI Connext Micro.

DDS_Topic, DDS_DataReader, DDS_DataWriter
Changeable = UNTIL ENABLE


This policy indicates the level of reliability requested by a DDS_DataReader or offered by a DDS_DataWriter. These levels are ordered, DDS_BEST_EFFORT_RELIABILITY_QOS < DDS_RELIABLE_RELIABILITY_QOS. A DDS_DataWriter offering a level is implicitly offering all levels below. If the DDS_ReliabilityQosPolicy::kind is set to DDS_RELIABLE_RELIABILITY_QOS , data-samples originating from a single DDS_DataWriter cannot be made available to the DDS_DataReader if there are previous data samples that have not been received yet due to a communication error. In other words, the service will repair the error and re-transmit data-samples as needed in order to reconstruct a correct snapshot of the DDS_DataWriter history before it is accessible by the DDS_DataReader. If the DDS_ReliabilityQosPolicy::kind is set to DDS_BEST_EFFORT_RELIABILITY_QOS, the service will not re-transmit missing data-samples. However for data-samples originating from any one DataWriter the service will ensure they are stored in the DDS_DataReader history in the same order they originated in the DDS_DataWriter. In other words, the DDS_DataReader may miss some data samples but it will never see the value of a data-object change from a newer value to an older value.

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The value offered is considered compatible with the value requested if and only if the inequality offered kind >= requested kind evaluates to 'TRUE'. For the purposes of this inequality, the values of DDS_ReliabilityQosPolicy::kind are considered ordered such that DDS_BEST_EFFORT_RELIABILITY_QOS < DDS_RELIABLE_RELIABILITY_QOS.

Field Documentation

DDS_ReliabilityQosPolicyKind DDS_ReliabilityQosPolicy::kind

Kind of reliability.


struct DDS_Duration_t DDS_ReliabilityQosPolicy::max_blocking_time

[Not supported.] The maximum time a writer may block on write() call.

This setting applies only to the case where DDS_ReliabilityQosPolicy::kind = DDS_RELIABLE_RELIABILITY_QOS. DDS_DataWriter_write is allowered to block if the DDS_DataWriter does not have space to store the value written. Only applies to DDS_DataWriter. [default] 100 milliseconds [range] [0,1 year] or DDS_DURATION_INFINITE

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