4.2. DDS Entities

The main classes extend an abstract base class called a DDS Entity. Every DDS Entity has a set of associated events known as statuses and a set of associated Quality of Service Policies (QosPolicies). In addition, a Listener may be registered with the Entity to be called when status changes occur. DDS Entities may also have attached DDS Conditions, which provide a way to wait for status changes. Figure 4.1: Overview of DDS Entities presents an overview in a UML diagram.


Figure 4.1 Overview of DDS Entities

Please note that RTI Connext DDS Micro does not support the following:

  • MultiTopic
  • ContentFileteredTopic
  • ReadCondition
  • QueryConditions

For a general description of DDS Entities and their operations, please refer to the Chapter 4 DDS Entities section of the RTI Connext DDS Core Libraries User’s Manual. Note that RTI Connext DDS Micro does not support all APIs and QosPolicies; please refer to the C API Reference and C++ API Reference documentation for more information.