4.14. FlatData Language Binding

4.14.1. Introduction

This section is organized as follows:

4.14.2. Overview

RTI Connext DDS Micro supports the FlatDataTM language binding in the same manner as RTI Connext DDS. However, RTI Connext DDS Micro only supports FlatData language binding for traditional C++ APIs, whereas RTI Connext DDS also supports it for the Modern C++ API. FlatData language binding is not supported for the C language binding.

4.14.3. Getting Started

The best way to start is to generate an example by creating an example IDL file HelloWorld.idl containing the following IDL type:

struct HelloWorld
   long a;

Next, run:

rtiddsgen -example -micro -language C++ HelloWorld.idl

4.14.4. Further Information

For more details about FlatData language binding as a feature, please refer to the Connext DDS Core Libraries User’s Manual Chapter 22.4 FlatData language binding.

For documentation about how to build and read a FlatData sample, see Pro_Flat_Data_API.