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DDS_EntityNameQosPolicy Struct Reference

<<cert>> Policy used to name an entity. More...

#include <dds_c_infrastructure.h>

Data Fields

 The actual name string.

Detailed Description

<<cert>> Policy used to name an entity.

RxO = NO;
Changeable = NO


The purpose of this QoS is to allow the user to attach naming information to created DDS_Entity objects.

It can only be 255 characters in length.

It must be a NULL-terminated string allocated with DDS_String_alloc or DDS_String_dup.

If the user provides a non-NULL pointer when getting the QoS, then it should point to valid memory that can be written to, to avoid ungraceful failures.

Field Documentation

char DDS_EntityNameQosPolicy::name[DDS_ENTITYNAME_QOS_NAME_MAX+1]

The actual name string.

[default] "[ENTITY]cccc"

[range] Null terminated string with length not exceeding 255. Can be NULL.

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