RTI transport  Version 1.0af [build 01]
NDDS_Transport_Address_t Struct Reference

Addresses are stored individually as network-ordered bytes. More...

Data Fields

unsigned char network_ordered_value [NDDS_TRANSPORT_ADDRESS_LENGTH]

Detailed Description

Addresses are stored individually as network-ordered bytes.

RTI Connext addresses are numerically stored in a transport independent manner. RTI Connext uses a IPv6-compatible format, which means that the data structure to hold an NDDS_Transport_Address_t is the same size as a data structure needed to hold an IPv6 address.

In addition, the functions provided to translate a string representation of an RTI Connext address to a value assumes that the string presentation follows the IPv6 address presentation as specified in RFC 2373.

An NDDS_Transport_Address_t always stores the address in network-byte order (which is Big Endian).

For example, IPv4 multicast address of is represented by

{{0,0,0,0, 0,0,0,0, 0,0,0,0, 0xE1,0,0,0}} regardless of endianness,

where 0xE1 is the 13th byte of the structure (network_ordered_value[12]).

Field Documentation

unsigned char NDDS_Transport_Address_t::network_ordered_value[NDDS_TRANSPORT_ADDRESS_LENGTH]

network-byte ordered (i.e., bit 0 is the most significant bit and bit 128 is the least significant bit).

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