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DDS::SubscriberSeq Class Reference

Declares IDL sequence < DDS::Subscriber > . More...

#include <managed_subscription.h>

Inheritance diagram for DDS::SubscriberSeq:
DDS::Sequence< T >

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from DDS::Sequence< T >
System::Boolean ensure_length (System::Int32 length, System::Int32 max)
 Set the sequence to the desired length, and resize the sequence if necessary.
virtual T get_at (System::Int32 i)
 Get the i-th element for a const sequence.
virtual void set_at (System::Int32 i, T val)
 Set the i-th element of the sequence.
void loan (array< T >^buffer, System::Int32 new_length)
 Loan a contiguous buffer to this sequence.
virtual void unloan ()
 Return the loaned buffer in the sequence and set the maximum to 0.
void from_array (array< T >^arr)
 Copy elements from an array of elements, resizing the sequence if necessary. The original contents of the sequence (if any) are replaced.
void to_array (array< T >^arr)
 Copy elements to an array of elements. The original contents of the array (if any) are replaced.
System::Boolean copy_from (Sequence< T >^src_seq)
 Copy elements from another sequence, resizing the sequence if necessary.
virtual System::Boolean copy_from_no_alloc (Sequence< T >^src_seq)
 Copy elements from another sequence, only if the destination sequence has enough capacity.
- Properties inherited from DDS::Sequence< T >
System::Int32 length [get, set]
 The logical length of this sequence.
virtual System::Int32 maximum [get, set]
 The current maximum number of elements that can be stored in this sequence.
array< T >^ buffer [get]
 Return the contiguous buffer of the sequence.
System::Boolean has_ownership [get]
 Return the value of the owned flag.

Detailed Description

Declares IDL sequence < DDS::Subscriber > .

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