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Foo Struct Reference

A representative user-defined data type. More...

#include <managed_topic.h>

Inheritance diagram for Foo:
DDS::ICopyable< T > DDS::ICopyable< T >

Detailed Description

A representative user-defined data type.

Foo represents a user-defined data-type that is intended to be distributed using DDS.

The type Foo is usually defined using IDL syntax and placed in a ".idl" file that is then processed using rtiddsgen. The rtiddsgen utility generates the helper classes DDS::Sequence as well as the necessary code for DDS to manipulate the type (serialize it so that it can be sent over the network) as well as the implied DDS::TypedDataReader and DDS::TypedDataWriter types that allow the application to send and receive data of this type.

See Also
DDS::Sequence, DDS::TypedDataWriter, DDS::TypedDataReader, FooTypeSupport, rtiddsgen

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