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DDS::Duration_t Struct Reference

Type for duration representation. More...

#include <managed_infrastructure.h>

Public Member Functions

System::Boolean is_infinite ()
System::Boolean is_zero ()
System::Boolean is_auto ()

Static Public Member Functions

static Duration_t from_micros (System::UInt64 microseconds)
static Duration_t from_nanos (System::UInt64 nanoseconds)
static Duration_t from_millis (System::UInt64 milliseconds)
static Duration_t from_seconds (System::UInt32 seconds)

Public Attributes

System::Int32 sec
System::UInt32 nanosec


static System::Int32 DURATION_ZERO_SEC [get]
 A zero-length second period of time.
static System::UInt32 DURATION_ZERO_NSEC [get]
 A zero-length nano-second period of time.
static System::Int32 DURATION_INFINITE_SEC [get]
 An infinite second period of time.
static System::UInt32 DURATION_INFINITE_NSEC [get]
 An infinite nano-second period of time.
static Duration_t DURATION_INFINITE [get]
 An infinite period of time.
static Duration_t DURATION_ZERO [get]
 A zero-length period of time.
static System::Int32 DURATION_AUTO_SEC [get]
 An auto second period of time.
static System::UInt32 DURATION_AUTO_NSEC [get]
 An auto nano-second period of time.
static Duration_t DURATION_AUTO [get]
 Duration is automatically assigned.

Detailed Description

Type for duration representation.

Represents a time interval.

Member Function Documentation

static Duration_t DDS::Duration_t::from_micros ( System::UInt64  microseconds)
static Duration_t DDS::Duration_t::from_nanos ( System::UInt64  nanoseconds)
static Duration_t DDS::Duration_t::from_millis ( System::UInt64  milliseconds)
static Duration_t DDS::Duration_t::from_seconds ( System::UInt32  seconds)

Member Data Documentation

System::Int32 DDS::Duration_t::sec


System::UInt32 DDS::Duration_t::nanosec


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