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DDS::SampleStateKind Struct Reference

Indicates whether or not a sample has ever been read. More...

#include <managed_subscription.h>


static SampleStateKind READ_SAMPLE_STATE [get]
 Sample has been read.
static SampleStateKind NOT_READ_SAMPLE_STATE [get]
 Sample has not been read.
static SampleStateKind ANY_SAMPLE_STATE [get]
 Any sample state DDS::SampleStateKind::READ_SAMPLE_STATE | DDS::SampleStateKind::NOT_READ_SAMPLE_STATE.

Detailed Description

Indicates whether or not a sample has ever been read.

For each sample received, the middleware internally maintains a sample_state relative to each DDS::DataReader. The sample state can be either:

The sample state will, in general, be different for each sample in the collection returned by read or take.

Property Documentation

SampleStateKind DDS::SampleStateKind::READ_SAMPLE_STATE

Sample has been read.

SampleStateKind DDS::SampleStateKind::NOT_READ_SAMPLE_STATE

Sample has not been read.

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