Welcome to the RTI Connext Python API!

RTI® Connext® is a connectivity framework for building distributed applications with requirements for high performance and scalability.

The RTI Connext Python API provides access to most Connext features from Python and is supported on Python 3.6 to 3.11, and on Linux® x64, Windows® x64, and macOS® x64.

Getting Started

The RTI Connext Getting Started Guide helps you install the software and run your first RTI Connext Python application while learning general concepts of Connext.

To learn more about the Python API, see API Overview; you can start with the Hello World example.

If you’re looking for specific documentation, check out the Quick Reference, or the full API reference.

If you’re migrating from RTI Connector, the Connext 7.2.0 Migration Guide provides guidance.

Additional documentation

For more documentation, including the Connext User’s Manual and the reference for the C, C++, Java and C# APIs, see RTI Community.