8. Next Steps

We invite you to explore further by referring to the wealth of available information and resources.

After installing Connext DDS, you’ll find the following resources in <NDDSHOME>/doc/manuals/connext_dds_professional 1 and at https://community.rti.com/documentation.

  • User’s Manual: Describes the features of the product and how to use them.

You’ll also find API Reference HTML Documentation at <NDDSHOME>/README.html and https://community.rti.com/documentation. This extensively cross-referenced documentation, available for all supported programming languages, is your in-depth reference to every operation in Connext DDS.

8.1. Coming Soon

This Getting Started Guide will be updated online. Please see the RTI Community documentation website (https://community.rti.com/documentation) for continued updates and language additions.



<NDDSHOME> refers to the main installation directory. See Paths Mentioned in Documentation.